About Education Congo

Education Congo envisions a Strong Congo through Education. We are here to increase access to and the quality of higher education through scholarships and institutional support. Established in 1998 as a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Education Congo is comprised of loyal supporters from a variety of business, church, education, healthcare and philanthropic backgrounds, whose mission is to support and raise awareness for projects in Congo. We work to provide scholarships and raise funds to support programs aimed at enhancing the quality of higher education. The founders of Education Congo have seen the youth of Congo become the next generation of leaders.

Board of Directors of Education Congo

  • Bruno W. Baerg 
  • Douglas Cardwell 
  • Ronny R. Farmer
  • Steven Gustafson
  • Laura Hobgood
  • Ajanta Jain
  • Linda James
  • Mimi Kanda
  • Phil Kliewer
  • Margaret J. Loewen
  • Noah McMillan
  • James Shafe
  • Eva Bowers Shay
  • Julie Neitz Wielga

Council of Advisors

  • Alden Almquist
  • Cynthia Decker
  • Carol A. Heimer
  • Amini Kajunju
  • Louis T. Kanda
  • Juliet Lev
  • Elsie McKee
  • Elizabeth Naegele
  • Ernest E. Ross
  • Larry Sthreshley
  • Paul A. Williams
  • Anne H. Zolnor