Capacity-Building at the University

Share in the vision of the Congo Protestant University as it strives to make a difference in one of the poorest countries on Earth. We all know how much education has been a part of our own success. Let’s create a self-sustaining university through the implementation of a strategic communications program. With your help, we can achieve our mission. Social innovation requires funding. A gift to this communications/capacity-building project would be very welcome. Be a part of the Congo solution and Connect with Congo!

Improving the University’s sustainability over the long term is an investment of both time and money. A key element of this program includes placing a consultant at the University to build its profile and harness its resources. The consultant, Linda James is an experienced marketing and communications professional with a passion for Congo, which perfectly positions her to initiate this project on the ground and oversee its development.

A communications strategy to increase awareness and support for the University at home and abroad will require:

  • Identifying corporate and community partnerships
  • Establishing grant proposal procedures
  • Raising the University’s profile in the media
  • Implementing an alumni initiative
  • Determining efficient uses of technology

Education is the most effective way to elevate members of a society by providing skill sets that lead to the growth and development of a nation. How would our universities in the U.S. or other developed countries function without endowments, corporate partnerships and alumni programs, to name just a few funding sources? No major university can achieve excellence without a mixture of funding.

Partner with the North American Liaison Bureau as we invest in the growth and in the future of this University by implementing this strategic communications initiative.