Congo Protestant University


The Congo Protestant University Provides Education that Builds a Nation

Founded in 1959, the Congo Protestant University (Université Protestante au Congo) is among the pioneers in Congolese higher education. Based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, the university has grown from three students to 8,000 students and five Schools – Business, Computer Science, Law, Medicine and Theology – over the last 60 years. Founded by various Protestant denominations, the university’s student body represents all aspects of Congo’s diverse population.

From the beginning, the university’s leadership, faculty and students have distinguished themselves through a record of achievement as illustrated by:

  • Creating a self-sustaining higher education business model;
  • Attracting a student population that is over fifty percent women;
  • Recruiting predominately Congolese faculty, many of whom received their undergraduate education at the Congo Protestant University; and
  • Producing alumni who become leaders.

Even in a country that ranks at the bottom of the United Nations Human Development Index, the university remains an independent, private and self-sustaining institution. This vibrant university is working to build a nation through education that will position its students as the future leaders of Congo.