TASOK Alumni Scholarship-Congo Education

Share our vision of Building a Nation through Education! You can make a positive, lasting impact on this country that ranks at the bottom of the U.N. Development Index – a measurement of a country’s achievement in health, knowledge and standard of living. Congo’s potential for growth in the heart of Africa is tremendous. Education is the key. We need your help as we continue to grow the TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa) Alumni Scholarship Fund in support of education. 

Envision a university which has grown from 3 - 8,000 students over 60 years in what has been the direst of circumstances at times. That is the Université Protestante au Congo. Founded by various Protestant denominations, the University’s student body represents all aspects of Congo’s diverse population. In fact, over 50% of the student body is women. Many of you personally recall fellow students whose families formed the original faculty of the University. From the original School of Theology, the University has now expanded to include Schools of Business, Information Technology, Law and Medicine.

The University’s alumni have gone on to receive Fulbright Scholarships and work in a variety of sectors ranging from private equity firms to nonprofits. The University President, Dr. Daniel Ngoy is an alumus.

Many of us including, Jimmy Shafe ’67 and Margaret Loewen ‘72, grew up in Congo and attended TASOK. Because we saw the need, we all became involved in a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Education Congo, which raises awareness and support for higher education in Congo. Our deep connections to Congo have led to the development of the TASOK Alumni Initiative which will help UPC students in need of scholarships. Many of the University students do not have the money for the annual tuition of only $650-$850. Last year, almost a 1,000 students were unable to pay their entire tuition or the balance of their tuition at the end of the year resulting in them being unable to take exams and proceed to the next year of studies.

You can be a part of Congo’s growth: Make a contribution to the TASOK Alumni Named Fund, an invested fund which makes a payment to the University scholarship fund each year. Please click on the “Donate” button, select “Named Fund,” then select “TASOK Alumni.” Congo thanks you!

We are also happy to accept a donation by check. Note “TASOK Alumni” on the memo line and mail it to:

Education Congo
2216 Elgin Road
Winston-Salem, NC  27103

E:  ExecDir@upcongo.org