Nobel Laureate Visits UPC!

The campus at the Congo Protestant University was full of energy with the arrival of Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Dr. Peter Agre on February 13, 2014. As the Director of the Malaria Research Institute at Johns Hopkins University and a science diplomat, Dr. Agre and his colleague, Dr. William Moss, traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to spend time at the University and explore malaria research collaboration opportunities. During his lectures on malaria and the resulting toll it has taken on Africa, Dr. Agre stressed the importance of young people participating in science and urged them “to be a part of the solution.” He said, “Who knows, maybe the Nobel Prize for the eradication of malaria will be given to an African scientist.” The students eagerly peppered Dr. Agre with questions as he spoke about his path to the Nobel Prize.

During a reception at his residence, U.S. Ambassador James Swan, touched on the cooperation between the United States and the DRC through research and teaching about critical topics such as public health and disease. Understanding that collaboration will be the key component to malaria research, both the Congolese Minister of Health and the Head of President Kabila’s Cabinet pledged their support. Stay tuned for malaria research initiatives.