School of Business and Economics

Building a Prosperous Congo

3,546 students

Students in class at Université Protestante au Congo

According to the African Economic Outlook, Congo’s economy grew 7.2% in 2012 and is expected to see growth increasing to 9.4% by 2014, primarily through “mining, trade, agriculture and construction, macroeconomic stability and robust domestic demand.” Congo’s future depends on its economic growth and Université Protestante au Congo continues to meet the challenge.

The Executive MBA program is designed to keep up with the fast-paced world of commerce—something that other Congolese universities do not offer but is desperately needed by businesses to succeed. The students will develop awareness and knowledge in areas such as international markets, finance, marketing and management, while also expanding that all-important network of professional and personal contacts upon which we all rely.

In response to the microfinance trend in Africa to reduce poverty and provide economic empowerment, a Center for Microfinance was established as a part of the School of Business to give students in-depth training in core subjects, such as microfinance, finance and quantitative methods, economics and management. The Center aims to promote teaching and research to train future leaders in microfinance by offering second-level university degrees.

The recently established doctoral program provides students the ability to complete their PhD in Congo thereby better ensuring the sustainability of quality teachers and researchers in the DRC. Training experts in-country will provide resources for Congolese universities, a local perspective for effectively tackling African development issues and the capacity to contribute to the expansion of international corporations in Congo.