School of Medicine

Building a healthy Congo

1,247 students

Established in 2006, the Medical School has grown from 200 students to 1,247 students under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Mampunza, Vice President of the university and founding dean of the medical school.

Internships in rural hospitals

What makes the university’s medical program unique is the requirement that the students’ internships must be completed in rural hospitals. The university has identified three rural hospitals for the clinical rotation program: Kimpese, Tshikaji and Vanga. As students complete the academic portion of their studies, they will be at one of these rural hospitals during their internship period.

Dire need for physicians

With the doctor/patient ratio in Congo at only 11 physicians per 100,000 people, the need is great. Université Protestante au Congo is committed to becoming a leader in public health and an integrated health care system. With the graduation of 68 new physicians in September 2014 and 86 physicians in 2015, the Congo Protestant University has taken yet another step toward building a healthy Congo.