Institutional Support

The Medical School Commitee of Education Congo gave the following support to UPC in 2019.

The return of 60 interns from the hospital in Kimpese and and 37 from the hosptital  in Vanga.
Those 97 interns have spent their year living on the hospital grounds, taking  courses, and working at the hospital.This year-long practice of medicine is the most valuable learning experience of the students' time at the medical school. Although, there are hospitals in Kinshasa, UPC's mission is to educate its young doctors to be ready for service in the interior of the country. The road to Vanga, a distance of about 400 miles, is  only paved part of the ways. The students travel the unpaved road by four-wheel drive jeeps.

Housing for the UPC teachers who give courses at the intern hospitals. The medical school professors of UPC are the teachers who travel back and forth between UPC, Kimpese, and Vanga. They monitor and teach the interns during their intern year. Education Congo contributes to the cost of lodging on the hospital campus for these trips.

Housing for interns. Rural hospitals in DRC are stretched to the limit in the care of their patients.  Hospitals cannot bear the burden of lodging these interns. UPC annually gives money to support the building and remodeling of intern dormitories.

Medical School Lab equipment.  Education Congo has a history of financing and delivering laboratory equipment to the medical school. We keep our expenditure low by pinpointing the exact needs of the UPC's. In the last two years we have financed or delivered  digital microscopes projectors for the laboratory classes.

Study of Past Medical School Graduates. Education Congo has worked together with a UPC professor and recently graduated doctors to pilot a survey of past  UPC medical school graduates, which we hope will allow UPC to evaluate their programs and make changes to better serve their incoming students.