Peace and Security

A research project exploring Protestant church contributions towards peace, gender and conflict transformation.

Université Evangelique en Afrique (UEA), Bukavu, South Kivu Province, DRC

In 2018 Education Congo began a new partnership with UEA in two sectors. One of those sectorsrelated to the University’s desire to explore the effectiveness of Protestant church efforts in addressing issues of violence and conflict transformation. The University specifically wanted to explore how the churches in the Bukavu area have acted to transform conflict, reduce violence, and minister to victims of violence since 1997 under the Kabila regime.Due to the high incidence of violence toward women, this project will include a focus on gender. The ultimate goal will be to improve capacity for more effective conflict transformation.

The primary objectives are:

To identify all Protestant churches in Bukavu, including their agencies seeking to manage and transform conflict.

To identify and understand specific actions of churches to manage and transform conflict.

To evaluate the effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability of these efforts.

To identify and explain the constraints blocking these efforts.

To develop and publish best practices for churches seeking to transform conflict, reduce violence, and minister to victims.

Methodology: collection of data through interviews, on-site observations, focus groups, and documentary research.

Budget and Funding:

The project is being jointly funded by UEA and Education Congo

Transparency, Accountability, Sustainability:

This project will be conducted under the UEA Handbook of Administrative and Financial Procedures and in consultation with UEA’s International Center for Advanced Research and Training

External financial audits will occur during the project and UEA will provide a narrative report and financial statement as planned.

UEA Sponsors:

UEA Department of Development and Peace, Faculty of Theology

UEA Department of Peace and Conflict Transformation, Faculty of Social Sciences