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Named fund in memory of Daniel Ngoy Boliya, the late rector of Université Protestante au Congo (UPC)

UPC Rector, Daniel Ngoy Boliya, was a longtime colleague, friend and partner of Education Congo. He died on March 2, 2023, at Centre Médicale de Kinshasa. Ernie Ross was a speaker at Rector Ngoy’s funeral in Kinshasa, which was attended by over 1,000.    

Shortly after Rector Ngoy's death, Education Congo board members set up a UPC scholarship fund to honor of his 30-year contribution to higher education in the DRC.

As of December 21, 2023, Education Congo additional donors have brought the fund's total up to $19,904. Once the fund reaches $25,000, it will begin paying out proceeds to scholarships annually.   

Only $5,100 more to go! Please help move this fund along into production by donating. 

A lifetime contribution to higher education in Congo

Rector Ngoy led the university as it built a student body of more than 8,000, over 55% of whom are currently women. He expanded the curriculum, most notably by adding a medical school to train doctors for the rural areas of Congo. He cultivated good relationships with both national and international partners, which enabled his administration to bring UPC to a high level of development in the areas of infrastructure, academic teaching and research programs.

Under Rector Ngoy's leadership. UPC signed numerous cooperation agreements with universities at home and abroad. In the Congo, UPC signed agreements of cooperation with Université de Kinshasa and Université Catholique du Congo.

In Africa, UPC is a leading member of the network of Protestant Universities in Africa (RUPA), and a formal protocol of cooperation was signed by Rector Ngoy and his counterpart at Université Marien Ngouabi in Brazzaville.

Numerous other universities are in formal collaboration with UPC as a result of Rector Ngoy’s leadership, including Université Paris-Saclay, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the University of North Carolina (UNC), Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Songsil University in Seoul, South Korea.

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