Collaboration in Education

Possibilities and Partnerships - This is what a connection between the Congo Protestant University and The American School of Kinshasa (TASOK) looks like! The 2015-2016 academic year kicked-off a collaboration between these two impressive institutions. The University was called upon to present the latest information on that all important topic in Congo and many parts of the world – Malaria. Using the latest research results, professors from the University’s Medical School - Dr. Josesph Bodi and Dr. Thierry Bobanga - spoke to the students at TASOK about the cause and prevention of malaria. Additional professor exchanges are being planned for the upcoming school year.

The University students were also a part of this collaboration. Four female students, Laure Bakaly, Maria Bilonda, Carine Nongo and Irène Bilonda, spent a Saturday afternoon at TASOK participating in a community project developed by three TASOK students to empower Congolese girls and youth being raised in an orphanage to envision their futures. Understanding the challenges the youth of Congo confront, Laure, Maria, Carine and Irène, were able to share their experiences and words of encouragement with the youngsters. Not only is the Congo Protestant University committed to education and research but it is also committed to community service.  These dynamic young women at the University were eager to take the time to give back.

When asked about the TASOK Alumni Initiative, Beth Faul Naegele, TASOK Alumna Class of ’69 and NALB Board Member, recently wrote, “We had attended TASOK at some point in our lives and were eager to honor our unique education.” To celebrate their Congo connection, several TASOK alumni wanted to create an opportunity for a Congolese student to receive a university education. These alumni established the TASOK Alumni Scholarship Fund that is designed to pay the tuition of a deserving student to attend the Congo Protestant University.

Join fellow TASOK alumni in this initiative:  Make a contribution to the TASOK Alumni Scholarship Fund, an invested fund which, once it builds to at least $25,000, will make a payment to the University scholarship fund each year. Please visit our website:, click on the “Donate” button, select “Named Fund,” and then select “TASOK Alumni.” Education that Builds a Nation!