School of Theology

Building a Compassionate Congo

209 students

Theological thought makes up one aspect upon which human progress and development is founded. The School aims to recapture the values set forth in the Gospels which have served as building blocks for humanity. The training is designed to stimulate a scientific approach to, among other things, what place mankind occupies in God's plan. Many students are sent by their respective denominations to have the opportunity to actively participate in the life of the Church and learn what it takes to lead those denominations into the future.

Established in 1959, the School of Theology was the first school of the University and is one of the oldest in the country. The School organizes its teaching in three cycles (Graduate, License, and Doctorate) with six departments. The requirement for Graduate takes three years, License two years, and Doctorate at least four years (including two years in the Master’s program).

Within the Theology School, a ground-breaking multidisciplinary Master’s program in Social Transformation was inaugurated in 2014. This program looks to engage society's leaders and organizations in order to eliminate discrimination. The result will open doors to those groups and individuals who are marginalized due to handicaps whether physical, mental or environmental, thereby creating a more productive and robust society.